Monday, October 6, 2008

This weekend (Wo Bist Du?)

What a weekend it has been....This is my first blog post on here so i'll try to keep it simple.

First note, anytime i put a weird part in the post name. Thats probably the title of a song I was listening to when I wrote the blog. Might help you to understand if you do the same ^_^

Ehhh. What a day....Weird feelings right now. Kinda feel like I'm being torn apart from the inside. It happens though, just hasnt happened in a long time so I've forgotten how to deal with it. Atleast partially, I'm not freaking out or having anxiety attacks or anything so I think I'm doing pretty good. Ya know, for so many people in the world who really just need to crawl into a cave and die, there seems to be a decent amount of truely good people in this world. Its all a matter of weeding them out of the others, and that is the difficult part.

I dont know, maybe its just that I havent slept very well in the last few days and am beginning to think I'm developing insomnia. Guess thats college life for some people? I heard an interesting statement today, "For every good thing in the world there is something that is bad". Thats pretty deep if you ask me, which just goes to prove the idea of a balance in all things, an equilibrium. And also goes to support the idea of a Dualitive existance. For every thing, there is its polar opposite.

But here's an interesting question, what happens when those polar opposites meet? Well in magnetism they generally attract eachother, in quantum mechanics they destroy eachother and release energy. This also supports the dualitive theorem. Anywho, onto a different topic for you readers who arent very....Scientifically accelerated :) .....I'd prefer to keep the true meaning hidden and allow you to infer it for yourself, so the next part may sound abit odd but try to relate it to me and how I would think about things.

We always see in the movies, that for some unforseen reason or circumstance, things work themselves out in such a way that benefits one life. Well why is it that they dont take into considerations that a persons actions can effect this? Probably because it wouldnt be as flashy or glamorous, atleast thats my opinion. But what if that situation did occur in real life? wouldnt that logically mean that a persons actions make no difference on the situation? Yes if a person went out and purposely destroyed this situation to see if it would effect it, they would probably lose the opportunity.

But if they did their absolute best to continue being themselves, fighting the overwhelming emotions that occured, wouldnt the outcome be the same? I would suspect so, but then again people and society and the human mind is a very illogical device, and it seems to grow more and more irrational as time passes. Again, this may just be my opinion.

But I feel a little better now, although I must admit I am abit tired. I guess I shall make due, its monday and im off all night :)

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