Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Man (Scorched Earth Erotica, Path)

And now the topic of "A Man". What makes a man, a man? I dont mean the aspect of gender of course, I mean the idea of a boy becoming a man. In this post I plan to give a few examples of true 'men'. Men that I strive every day to be like, because they gave me my view of what a true man is.

The first man I must give credit to is my grandfather, or as I knew him as a child, my Grandpa Dick(Real name Richard). I got my name from him, as his middle name is Jesse. I remember being a young child and always hearing him giving words of advice about all kinds of things. Never waste food, always eat what is on your plate, etc etc. It wasnt until I was older that I realized why he did this. He grew up around the time of the Great Depression, and the mindset that was forced into him at the time was "you share what you have" and "you dont waste". He was also one of the greatest storytellers I've ever met. I dont mean that he was a liar, or would make up stories to impress people, he didnt need to, he was impressive enough as he was. I mean that he had a knack for sharing stories of different things, most of them were jokes, that he had heard throughout his life and wanted to share. I will never forget the last time that I shook his hand, hugged him, and told him that I loved him. I miss him very very much. Thank you for being who you were Grandpa.

The next man I have to give credit to for being a true man is my father, Robert Goertz, or Bob, as everyone calls him. The man has been my hero since I can remember. Always so strong, and just seemed larger than life when I was a child. Very loving, caring, and honest. I can understand his wanting me to stay his little boy, because I want him to stay the man that I saw him as when I was little. But we all grow older, and we all change, and I think that him and myself have learned to love eachother as we are now. I apologize for me being such a snotty little child, and I apologize for not always making things easy on you dad. But you will always be my hero, and I will always be your little boy inside. Everything you do for me, I cant even begin to repay. I love you so much dad, and I hope you know that.

The third man I must give credit to is my second father, my stepdad Mack. The supporter of my family, and just an all around good guy. Abit crazy sometimes, but who isnt in our family? Your trucking lifestyle opened up a whole new view of things for me, and the time we spent together when I was younger really influenced the way I grew up. Not that the rest of the men in my life didnt do that. But it influenced it in a different way. Your hippie ways and looks made things so interesting. Playing in the warm rain, swimming in the ocean with you and Moose, eating the home made burritos from the roach coach. Memories I will never forget. Thank you for being you Mack, and know that I love you.

Beauty (I Alone, Californication)

What is beauty? Is beauty what we see in magazines and movies? Or is beauty something far less superficial than what we see on the outside?

I believe that beauty is a purely subjective idea, meaning that the definition of beauty is solely based on the observer.

I suppose the point of this post is to, perhaps, give you a different insight into what is beautiful.
The three women you see on the left side of this post are the women I grew up with. Now, if we were to follow what we're 'shown' as beautiful, they of course would not fit the bill. But this is where the subjectiveness of the idea of beauty comes into it. These three women, in my eyes, are the definition of beauty. They dont spend hours on end trying to perfect themselves, they dont undergo idiotic surgeries to change the way that God made them. They are who they are, and they are beautiful.
The woman at the top is my sister Chandell, almost 30 years old and just as beautiful as she was the day she graduated. The second woman is my sister Castle, and Castle, in my eyes, is the epitome of beauty. She shines like the sun no matter where she is at, not to say that the others dont, but Castles beauty is a different form. And the third woman is my mother. Absolutely gorgeous, and stunning. I love these three women with all of my heart.
I know that this post was rather short, and also abit choppy, but take the time to look at these three women that, in my eyes, are truely beautiful. Try and see what I see in them, because they arent models, they arent actresses, they arent loaded with botox and silicone. They are who they are. That is beauty.