Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In my mind is where I dwell
Wondering if I live in hell
I watch my friends fall in and out
Sometimes it just makes me want to shout!
Why? Whats so different from him than me?
Why don't they ever open their eyes and see?
Is it my clothes? or maybe my hair?
I know I can ask, but I'll never get there
So in my mind, cold and dark
I sit and dwell, without remark

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Tami Vrbas said...

Hi Jesse ~ Love your rants. I could identify with the feelings in this writing. I'm not model thin, or whatever it is society demands to be accepted, but I continue to hope, no hold out for, to be accepted for the content of my character, the kindness I show to others, and not how I dress the outer shell. I too, hold out a hope that at least a few others will look for the beauty that I know is within....I also know from experience, that people who are as in touch with their feelings, as you are, are a rarity, extraordinarily sensitive. You are beautiful from the inside to the out, and I've known that since you were very little. Don't loose that, k?! You are a rare gem.

On another note, as I've gotten a little older, I've come to cherish my idiosyncracies, my differences from others. I believe we are all like snowflakes...we contain snow, but the design and expression of that is different for everyone, like no two fingerprints are exactly alike. This is by divine design, in which each of us are cocreaters with what is Divine. God is still creating, but he gives us freedom in the cocreative process. Just a few thoughts.