Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Theople Pesis(not a typo)

Ah, summertime thoughts. This post is about people, and their generalized behaviors. A People Thesis of sorts.

People are generally selfish. Agree or disagree? I agree. People, in most cases, are generally far more worried about their own situation and well-being than that of the people around them. Self-satisfaction and gratification are top level important to the average joe. Sad, pathetic, but true.

People are generally more evil than good? Agree or disagree? I take a neutral stance on this. People are only as good as they choose to be, and the same can be said for evil. General tendencies of people seem to point towards the evil side, but at the same instance they all possess a conscience that seems to variably effect their behavior when the situation calls for its interference.

Girls and women of my generation and after seem to have lost the faith that a man can be romantic, and with good reason to be honest. Most men are exactly how we are stereotyped to be. Meatheaded, sex driven, idiots with little capacity for thought, let alone love. And with this loss of faith, they have become more centered around self-satisfaction because the man has done the same thing. Sex is no longer sacred, its just an act of self-gratification with no moral stance in the average person anymore. And these are just generalized statements, not everyone is like this. The majority, sadly, follows this trend to a T.

I find it sad that a man like myself has to work through the wall that women have built up around themselves because every other asshole they've ever dealt with has treated them like a peice of property to be traded and shared. I find it sad that men can treat women so badly, but I also find it sad that women allow it to happen. Yes, the first or second time of meeting a guy, it being too perfect at the start, and him turning out to be an asshole can be abit blindsiding. but after the second time, at most, you would suspect that they would have learned how to spot guys like that. Perhaps they enjoy it? No....thats not self satisfying.

And with this I am by no means saying that I believe myself to be perfect or flawless, because I'm not. I have the same engrained tendencies that most men do, I just know how to control them. Being aware of them makes all the difference.

I've met women from all ends of the spectrum. Sluts, goodie goodie's, barbie girls, bicycles, etc etc. And a trend I've noticed with each is that sluts are the way they are because men have treated them like a peice of trash from the beginning. Goodie goodie's are the way they are because they have been severely sheltered and are easily taken advantage of. Barbie girls are the way they are because they enjoy the attention they recieve from men when they tease them. Bicycles are essentially sluts, but they are mentally aware of their decision to be that way.

I'm not entirely sure what the 'point' of this post is, all I know is that I needed to write it down. And perhaps, with how backward society is today, this should be called a Theople Pesis =)

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